How to Take Care of Straw Bags?

By Emelie Pelenkahu

How to Take Care of Straw Bags?

How to take care of straw bag

You’ve purchased our straw bags, worn it to dinner parties, beach and perhaps wedding, stored it in your room and now wondering how should you take care it? For many of our customers, straw bags are their new obsessions, because of its durability, style and currently so on-trend!

Our straw bags are made of several different plants, such as rattan – which is long stems of palm and a type of fibrous plant, atta leaves – a tropical grass that grows in Southeast Asia around lakes and rivers and also water hyacinth – a floating aquatic and tropical plant. 

These bags can las a VERY long time. We met a customer recently who said that she has a fishing box that has the same material as our bags (atta leaves) and it was from her grandfather. Her grandpa got the extra small fishing box in the 50’s. 

Straw bags, atte tropical leaves

(fishing box crossbody bag, in black top)


We want to make sure that you, babes, know how to take care of these plant-based bags, so it will last a very long time for you. So here are a few tips:


  1. Grab your bags and take out of any of your items inside
  2. Once empty, turn your bags upside-down and shake it to let any crumbs inside the bags and in between the straw, out
  3. If you bag have straps, make sure to roll the straps in and put a rubber tie around it so the straps won’t tangle around your bags when you shake it upside-down
  4. If your bags have clasps, take those out before shaking the bags


  1. If after the shaking and there is still crumbs, perhaps in between the straw / weaving, use a used toothbrush and gently brush any crumbs away. Use a bit of cold water on the brush, when needed.
  2. Once the crumbs are out, it’s time to clean the dust that you may not be able to see on the surface of the straw
  3. Grab a clean cotton cloth and dip half of the cloth in cold water, the other half keep it dry
  4. Wipe your bags, with the wet part of the cloth, with a soft circular motion starting from the back of the bag to the front. The back of the bag is where your bag is usually sit on when you put it on a table or on the floor, so this is usually the dirtier side
  5. Repeat cleaning the back side twice before going to the front side
  6. Turn your cloth to the dry side and repeat wiping the bags
  7. If you have rattan or ate leaves bags, and if you like your bags to be ✨shiny ✨, we recommend using Murphy’s Oil Soap that is created specifically for cleaning wood. You can also use this soap for your wood furniture at home. Double purpose! We wouldn’t recommend this soap is your bags are made of water hyacinth or rattan that doesn’t have a coating, like these bags below.

Straw bags, tropical leaves

(Clockwise: Top - Water Hyacinth tote bag with batik covered handle, Middle -Rattan handbag no coating, Bottom - Water Hyacinth tote bag with pompoms and tassels)


  1. Hang your bags in your room, where there is no direct sunlight. A long exposure to sunlight can cause the fibers to become dry and brittle
  2. If you are planning to store the bag in your closet or handbags box, BE SURE to put your straw bags in a cotton or fabrics bags. Using cloth bags, will protect the fibers from dust and mold. Let your straw bags out of storage every 2-3 months to let them breathe.
  3. Don’t use plastic bags to store straw bags! Because the plastic can melt or stick on your bags overtime and this can break the coating on the surface of straw bags


  • When you use the bags, make sure to put any make up (lipstick, blush, mascara) in a separate small pouch inside, to avoid any smear
  • If you have a colored bag, like black, white or pink, make sure to only use clean cotton cloth and cold WATER to clean instead of oil soap or regular soap. This to protect the dye and coating that is on the surface.
  • Stuffed your bags to make sure that the shape won’t be changing when you store it

 Let us know if you have any questions regarding these tips or if you have any other tips that you have been using. Also, if you have been enjoying reading our blogs, let us know what topics you'd like us to cover next. Email Everina team at

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