6 DIY Costumes Ideas from Your Closet

By Emelie Pelenkahu

Six DIY Halloween Costumes Ideas - from Your Own Closet!

Halloween is just around the corner and by corner we mean it's TOMORROW. For those of you who are still scrambling to put together a Halloween costume (we're preaching to the choir here), look no further! We have dig in the internet and research some DIY (Do It Yourself) costumes ideas that you can just put together from your own closet. Save your precious money and time... and hurry to dig in to your own closet. 

1. Mary Poppins

This iconic figure is coming back to the big screen in December in the new Disney movie 'Mary Poppins Returns'. So exciting, right?! Now her looks is super iconic because of her 'porkpie' hat, white blouse and quirkie umbrella. So make sure you have at least one of these staples on. 

Example of the black hat here | white shirt here


2. Marilyn Monroe

Opt for a different costume of Miss Marilyn than the classic white V neck midi dress. Instead, go for her other classic look like this long white square neck with a faux fur jacket. Don't forget to also do your make up (with red lipstick), curl your hair up like it's the 1950's or simply wear a wig. Oh! Get a vintage 1950's glasses from your grandma or momma to complete the look. 

Example of the white dress here | white faux fur coat here


3. "Sandy" from the Grease Movie, 1978

I mean... who doesn't like this classic move that makes you just want to boogie with our friends. Her look is so easy to put together especially for those of you who loves wearing black. All you need is a black over the shoulder top, black leather jacket and a black legging. Top it off with a big curled hair, big hoops earring and red platform shoes!

Example of the black top here | red stiletto shoes here


4. "Cruella" from 101 Dalmatians, 1996

Cruella oh Cruella! with this look, you can either dress is up with wearing a long dress or dress it down a bit with a midi skirt. But you definitely gotta wear something polkadot - whether it's a blouse or the coat. Just make sure that the coat is a faux fur. If you dont mind doing something creative with your hair, you should do a white hairspray for half of your hair and volumized up your hair like a true Cruella Deville. Ha.

Example of the black coat here | polkadot blouse here


5. "Cher" from Clueless

If you're looking to dress up with your group of girlfriends, Clueless is perfect! To channel Cher, Dionne, Tai and Amber, opt for plaids, long socks, platform shoes, and leopard print! The best part, is that these 90's trend are back this year.

 Example of the plaid suit here | platform shoes here


6. "Mrs. Maisel", from The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

If you have seen this smash hit TV show, you must have fallen in love with Mrs. Maisel. She is funny, brave, emotional, strong and gorgeous. Her character is such a role model of how a modern American women should be, to stand up for her self even when her husband puts her down. We can't wait for the 2nd season to be released!

Example of the green suit here | skirt here